Fujitsu launches first hydrogen station data management service in Japan for fuel-cell vehicles

fujitsu_hydrogenFujitsu today announced the launch of a hydrogen station data management service, the first in Japan, enabling people to access real-time information on the location and hours of operation of hydrogen stations, which supply hydrogen to fuel-cell vehicles. Operation of the service is available to car makers starting today. This service provides a system for the integrated management of hydrogen station information based on the platform of FUJITSU Intelligent Society Solution SPATIOWL, a cloud service that uses location information. With the cooperation of registered hydrogen suppliers, fuel-cell vehicle users can be provided with useful information about the locations and hours of operation of both fixed and mobile hydrogen stations via their car-navigation systems, smartphones, or other devices.

Fujitsu_Hydrogen Station Data_JapanThis service will help people with fuel-cell vehicles drive with greater peace of mind and contribute to a greater level of convenience with fuel-cell vehicles, encouraging their broader use. Fujitsu is offering this service in tandem with the launch of the Mirai, the fuel-cell car from Toyota Motor Corporation. For its Mirai fuel-cell vehicle, Toyota is providing a special application, Hydrogen Station List, for the navigation system included in its T-Connect Data Communication Module (DCM) package, as well as a Pocket Mirai smartphone application.

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