Honda to Establish a Base for a Hydrogen Energy Demonstration with the goal to prevent global warming

Tottori Prefecture, Tottori Gas, Sekisui House and Honda,today signed an agreement to jointly pursue Tottori Prefecture’s project to establish a base for a hydrogen energy demonstration (and environmental education) with the goal to prevent global warming and create a sustainable and low-carbon society. The purpose of this project is to promote the popularization of smart houses and FCVs and achieve a shift in the lifestyles of people toward the future realization of a hydrogen society. This will be Japan’s first case where hydrogen energy will be utilized through the integration of a hydrogen station which creates hydrogen from renewable energy, a smart house and a fuel cell vehicle (FCV).

Honda_Hydrogen Energy DemonstrationA Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) and solar panels will be installed on the property of Tottori Gas Group (located in Gotandacho in Tottori City). Using electricity generated from a solar power generation system, this SHS will create and supply hydrogen to a FCV. In the meantime, an exhibition building of Sekisui House already existing within the same property will be turned into a smart house. At this smart house, visitors will be able to have firsthand experience with technologies and systems that enable an environmentally-responsible, comfortable and smart lifestyle, including power feeding from the fuel cell of a FCV to a smart house.

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