Hyundai and Canoo to Co-Develop All-Electric Platform for Future Electric Vehicles

Hyundai and Canoo announced today that Hyundai has engaged Canoo to jointly develop an electric vehicle (EV) platform based on Canoo’s proprietary skateboard design for upcoming Hyundai and Kia models. Hyundai expects an adaptable all-electric platform using Canoo’s scalable skateboard architecture to allow for a simplified and standardized development process for Hyundai and Kia electrified vehicles. Hyundai expects to reduce complexity of its EV assembly line, allowing for rapid response to changing market demands and customer preferences. Hyundai expects the platform to help facilitate its commitment to delivering cost-competitive electrified vehicles — ranging from small-sized EVs to Purpose Built Vehicles (PBV) — that meet diverse customer needs.

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Canoo, a Los Angeles based company creating EVs for subscription only, offers a skateboard platform which houses the most critical components of the vehicle with a strong emphasis on functional integration, meaning all components fulfill as many functions as possible. Canoo unveiled its first electric vehicle for subscription only on Sept. 24, 2019, just 19 months after the company’s founding in December 2017.  As part of the collaboration, Canoo will provide engineering services to help develop a fully scalable, all-electric platform to meet Hyundai and Kia specifications.

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