Kyocera announces new residential energy management system for Japan market

Kyocera and Nichicon have completed an agreement for Kyocera to begin domestic sales of a new energy management system (EMS) which combines Kyocera’s highly reliable solar power generating systems with Nichicon’s long-lasting, high-capacity lithium-ion battery storage units. Designed for the Japan market, the new system responds to the growing demand for residential energy storage equipment following the March 11 disasters. Kyocera will begin sales in Japan this summer. Through its long-term R&D strategy and proprietary technology in solar and energy-related fields, Kyocera has developed an EMS which makes effective use of energy. By using Kyocera’s high quality solar power generating systems — which hold the No.2 Japanese market share and Nichicon’s energy storage system which utilizes a lithium-ion battery manufactured by Samsung SDI , the new energy system is able to more effectively control energy consumption.

Using and regulating a solar power generating system with battery storage requires a power inverter and sophisticated energy-management technology. The EMS developed by Kyocera is thus effective in optimizing residential energy use from those systems and utility power from the electricity grid. In the event of a prolonged black-out, the battery can be charged directly by the solar modules during the day, allowing users to draw from the battery at night or during inclement weather. Combining the world class technology of Kyocera, Nichicon and Samsung SDI into the new system, Kyocera’s EMS will be able to more efficiently control energy consumption.

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