Kyocera solar modules Provide power for Electric-Powered Cars and Bikes in Germany

Kyocera today announced that it has supplied its high-performance solar modules for a carport roofing installation in southern Germany which provides power for a charging station for electric cars and bikes. The system was designed and installed by BLU”e” Solar Group GmbH. This solar-powered charging station is not only environmentally friendly but also economical; currently, charging at this location is free of charge to the public. The energy used to ‘fill the tanks’ comes from 248 high-efficiency 215-watt Kyocera solar modules which produce an output of 53.32kW.

Kyocera modules provide excellent performance and high reliability which is demonstrated by the fact they are the first in the world to have passed the Long-Term Sequential Test performed by TUV Rheinland Japan This solar-powered charging station is just the latest in a long line of projects that Kyocera has been involved in that bring innovative alternative energy solutions to the market. In Japan, Kyocera introduced the Solar Cycle Station for charging electric bicycles also.

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    Kyocera Panels are retailing at decent retailers for around
    $1.8-2.5/Watt which is a significant premium to good quality Chinese
    solar panels which can be bought at around $1.5/watt.The Kyocera 135
    Watt Panels cost around $300 which makes it a costly solar panel to buy
    given that you can buy the cheapest solar panel at $1/watt if you buy in
    large bulks of 5000 solar panels.

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    When end-users are considering implementing solar energy at their home
    or business, it is important to factor in whether the product will
    indeed last as long as promised, and if the company offering the
    warranty will still be around to honor it. With long-term field results
    to stand on and over 35 years of solar research, development and
    manufacturing, Kyocera’s track record provides end-users with confidence
    on both accounts.

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