Mitsubishi group companies begin operation of M-tech Labo- EV-Smart Grid Demonstration Project

Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Motors and Mitsubishi Electric have completed the development and begun the operation of M-tech Labo, a smart grid demonstration system that utilizes rechargeable batteries in Electric Vehicles (“EVs”) for electric-demand leveling of factory facilities. The system consists of a 20kW photovoltaic system, 5 electrically-dischargeable EVs and 80kWh used rechargeable batteries collected from EVs. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate load shifting by charging at night when demand is low, storing power produced from renewable sources in rechargeable batteries, and supplying such power back to the grid when factory facilities and offices face peak demand.

MC, MMC and Mitsubishi Electric also expect that utilizing EV batteries and used rechargeable batteries, instead of expensive, dedicated batteries, will lower costs while promoting the environmental-benefits of renewable energy and EVs. Tokyo Institute of Technology is playing an advisory role for the project. This demonstration project is part of the KEIHANNA Eco-City Next-Generation Energy and Social Systems Demonstration Project, one of the four smart grid initiatives authorized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The three companies will collaborate in project implementation and application of knowledge obtained with the goal of contribution towards a more sustainable society.

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