Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to supply electric bus to Satsumasendai city in Kyushu

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will supply an electric bus to the city of Satsumasendai in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu. The bus is a full-size, low-floor model that operates on MHI’s high-performance MLiX lithium-ion rechargeable battery enabling a dramatic increase in continuous travel distance. Satsumasendai is introducing the electric bus as part of the city’s initiative to make use of next-generation energy resources based on the comprehensive municipal vision and action plan. The bus exterior and part of interior were designed by a famous industrial design company, Don Design Associates.
MLiX lithium-ion rechargeable battery
The blue and white exterior color concept reminds the beautiful sea surrounding Koshiki Island, where the high-speed ferry will play. The exterior design will also include a Chinese character of Koshiki. The electric bus will operate as a shuttle bus between Sendai Station and a high-speed ferry terminal, Sendai Port, and will play a significant role in enhancing the environmental compatibility of the local transportation network and tourist infrastructure. The city also considers using the electric bus as a power supply source in an emergency. The new bus will go into service in the city’s regular route network starting in April.

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