Nissan to show a potential stand-alone community of the near future at CEATEC JAPAN 2011

At CEATEC JAPAN 2011C, Nissan will show a potential stand-alone community of the near future which is part of a society that uses low levels of carbon; where people access health/medical services through IT; and with housing that connects with the LEAF to Home system, which enables LEAF owners the option of powering their homes with their cars’ batteries. With an actual Smart Community as part of the displays, visitors to CEATEC can see energy being generated and consumed through Smart House, Smart Healthcare, Smart Cottage, Smart Rental Car and Smart Food Stand exhibits. These interactive exhibits will be jointly presented with the cooperation of various companies.

Each Smart facility has a stand-alone energy system using solar power generation, fuel cells, storage batteries or EVs. Each of them not only independently generates and consumes energy, but also complement each other by supplying power and are interconnected within the power grid.