Osaka Gas, Aisin, Kyocera, Chofu and Toyota Announce Completion of a World-Class Efficiency residential-use solid oxide fuel cell co-generation system

Osaka Gas, Aisin Seiki, Kyocera, Chofu Seisakusho Co. and Toyota announced today that they have completed co-development of a residential-use solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) co-generation system. The new product -ENE-FARM Type S – derived from the companies’ co-development project achieves a power generation efficiency of 46.5%, the highest level in the world for a residential-use fuel cell. ENE-FARM Type S utilizes ceramic electrolyte for the power generating cell stack which achieves a high operating temperature of 700 to 750 degrees Celsius. This high temperature heat can be efficiently used as energy to reform utility gas to hydrogen and thus a high power generation efficiency level of 46.5% is achieved — with an overall energy efficiency of 90.0%. The SOFC system includes a hot-water supply and heating unit which uses exhausted heat with a storage tank at a small size of 90 liters to optimally utilize the high temperature heat exhausted during power generation; as well as a high efficiency latent heat recovery type hot-water supply heating unit for the back-up boiler.

Through these measures, the system is environmentally and economically enhanced, and eliminates annual CO2 emissions of about 1.9 tons while also reducing annual energy costs of about ¥76,000($909) compared to ordinary gas-powered hot-water supply and heating units. Within the co-development agreement, Kyocera produces the cell stack ; Aisin the generation units with the cell stack incorporated into it; Chofu the hot-water supply and heating unit using exhausted heat; and Osaka Gas will commence sales of the system on April 27, 2012 (only available to the Japanese market) at the standard price of ¥2,751,000 ($32,926).

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