Sanyo celebrates the 5th Anniversary of eneloop with limited edition AA and AAA-size 8-color glitter eneloop

Sanyo is pleased to announce the November 14, 2010 release of the limited edition 8-color glitter AA and AAA-size eneloop rechargeable battery packs from in Japan, as a 5th anniversary model of the eneloop rechargeable battery promoting a lifestyle that values reusing and recycling. Limited edition of 200,000 packs of AA and AAA-size batteries coming in 8 glitter colors: ‘purple’, ‘pink’, ‘orange’, ‘yellow’, ‘light green’, ‘light blue’, ‘silver’ and ‘black’. These have been created based on the concept of Shiny & Lovely, making a refreshing change from the image of a paper-wrapped crayons of last year’s popular eneloop tones.

The 8-color eneloop pack enables users to pick colors according to their taste or use colors to remember which ones are charged and which ones need to be recharged. Last October, a limited number (100,000 units) of well-reputed 8-color AA-size eneloop pack called eneloop tones were released to commemorate reaching 100 million cells of total global shipments. Like the original eneloop, recycled PET is the only material used in the packaging, which can also be used as a battery storage case.