Sharp to Introduce Residential Solar Power Generation Systems for Japanese Homes

Sharp will introduce into the Japanese market Residential Solar Power Generation Systems Compatible with “Roofit Design” that adopt a new design system that enables efficient installation of photovoltaic modules on a wide range of roof shapes with various roof surface areas. This Sharp system enables solar power generation systems to be installed on small roofs and on roofs with complex shapes, where installation has been difficult with conventional systems. In addition, the adoption of “Roofit Design” will broaden available design options, making it possible to meet the needs of a wide range of customers in terms of installed system output, cost, and exterior design.

Sharp will introduce simultaneously throughout Japan dual-range power conditioners (inverters) that feature a low-voltage input circuit in addition to the standard voltage input circuit. A solar power generation system built around one of the conditioners can efficiently generate electric power even from small roof areas using as few as three connected modules.