South Korea’s Wonju City installs 520 LED-based streetlamps with 37440 Osram GOLDEN Dragon Plus LEDs

An impressive 520 LED-based streetlamps with 37,440 Osram Golden Dragon Plus LEDs (cool white) were installed in Wonju City in Gwang Won province, South Korea by replacing traditional MH 250W and 400W street lamps. The LED-based street lamps can save 48% power consumption, while the total cost of ownership can further reduce because of the exceptional 50,000 hour lifetime of Golden Dragon Plus LEDs. The availability of cool and warm white LEDs with excellent color rendering offers the flexibility to adjust the color temperature to specific street lighting applications.

Osram Golden Dragon Plus LEDs offer full-color spectrum brightness, consume 80% less electricity than incandescent lamps, and can last more than to 50,000 hours. The longer service intervals and the robust nature also attribute to LED-based street lighting by reducing maintenance costs. The Korea government plans to replace all incandescent light bulbs at public facilities with more energy efficient LED bulbs by 2012.