Spin’s latest generation electric scooters to hit streets across the United States next month

Spin, part of Ford Smart Mobility LLC, today announced a plan to launch its newest electric scooter model to support growth and demand into new and existing markets. Starting next month, Spin’s latest generation scooters will hit the streets of Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Washington D.C., Kansas City, Memphis, and Minneapolis, with more cities across the United States to follow. The third edition Spin scooter features bigger (10-inch) tubeless tires for better shock absorption over rough terrain and conditions and extended battery life, enabling to ride up to 37.5 miles at full charge.

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Other significant features include: Rear drive high efficiency for improved acceleration and uphill performance, Custom security screws exclusively developed and manufactured for Spin’s scooters to deter tampering and vandalism and more intuitive and responsive bike-handle braking system.

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The company also revealed a new logo as it rolls out a brand refresh across its scooters, app and website. The new redesigned logo draws inspiration from the excitement and joy of riding Spin scooters, and takes a bold yet playful approach to design.