Toyota and Woven Planet Develops a New Portable Hydrogen Cartridge Prototype

Toyota and its subsidiary, Woven, have developed a working prototype of its portable hydrogen cartridge. This cartridge design will facilitate the everyday transport and supply of hydrogen energy to power a broad range of daily life applications in and outside of the home. Toyota and Woven Planet will conduct Proof of Concept (“PoC”) trials in various places, including Woven City, a human-centered smart city of the future currently being constructed in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Portable hydrogen cartridge is affordable, portable and the convenient energy makes it possible to bring hydrogen to where people live, work, and play without the use of pipes. The cartridges are swappable for easy replacement and quick recharging. Volume flexibility allows for a broad variety of daily use applications. Using Portable hydrogen cartridge, small-scale infrastructure can meet energy needs in remote and non-electrified areas and be swiftly dispatched in the case of a disaster. The prototype measures 400 mm (16″) in length x 180 mm (7″) in diameter and weigh 5 kg (11 lbs).

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The ultimate goal of this project is to realize a carbon-neutral society where everyone can access clean energy, first in Japan and then throughout the world. Toyota and Woven Planet aim to develop best practices for incorporating clean hydrogen energy into daily life by conducting human-centered demonstrations in and around Woven City. These real-life experiences will help us learn how to best transform hydrogen into a familiar, well-used, and well-loved form of energy.

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