Toshiba and Dell Technologies’ Deep Learning Testbed for IoT is the first to be approved by IIC

A deep learning testbed jointly developed by Toshiba and Dell Technologies has become the first deep learning platform to be approved by Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). Toshiba and Dell Technologies will use the testbed to verify the effectiveness of applying deep learning to IoT platforms and establish best practices that will improve the availability of the machines, optimize monitoring equipment, including sensors, and reduce maintenance costs. Toshiba will provide deep learning technology for analyzing and evaluation big data, and Dell EMC, a provider of data storage solutions owned by Dell Technologies, will provide high-speed storage technologies.

IoT is spurring the need for efficient management of edge devices that provide entry points to enterprise networks—that assures their reliability and minimizes risk. Beyond this, efficient management and use of the tremendous volumes of data produced by such devices require the application of deep learning. In the testbed, it will utilize big data from building management, air conditioning and building security accumulated in its Smart Community Center. Toshiba will introduce the deep learning testbed in its Smart Community Center in Kawasaki, Japan.

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