Display Taiwan 2010: AUO to showcase Worlds First Transparent AMOLED In-Cell Touch Panel

AUO will participate in Display Taiwan 2010 at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 from June 9-11 to showcase its full lineup of display products. The exhibits include 3D display technologies with panels ranging from 8 to 65 inches, the range of 46 to 65-inch power-saving LED backlit TV panels, LED backlit IT displays from 10.1 to 24 inches employing multi-touch or MVA technologies, and small and medium-sized e-paper display applications, in addition to advanced TV display technologies such as the 58″ CinemaScope HDTV and AMVA5. The world’s largest 32″ projected capacitive multi-touch LCD display and the world’s first 2.4” transparent AMOLED in-cell touch panel will also be shown.

AUO has been an active player in the e-paper market and this time the full range of e-paper products using Sipix Microcup technology is also on display, including the 2” electronic shelf label (ESL), 4.3” e-book, and 6” and 9” built-in touch e-books. In addition, 20” e-paper display module for e-signage, 6” foldable e-book module and 6” flexible e-paper module are also to be seen at the show. The wide array of innovative applications will for certain be the highlight of the event.