Oktoberfest beer tent reduces CO2 by the equivalent of 600,000 1-liter beer mugs using 550 Osram LED lamps

A total of 550 warm-white LED lamps from Osram will be putting visitors, food and beverages in the right light and helping the environment at the Hippodrom’s 110th anniversary this year. Instead of 25 watts like the incandescent bulbs used before, the new lamps need only 5 watts of power to achieve the same brightness, meaning they will save 2,500 kWh of electricity during the 16-day Oktoberfest, equivalent to 1.2 tons or over 600,000 liters CO2.

The warm-white light demonstrates perfectly that energy-efficient lighting does not have to mean compromising on a cozy atmosphere. It produces a pleasant, welcoming setting, inviting guests to sway to the music and celebrate.

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