Oslon Black Flat LED for automotive front lighting systems from Osram

The Oslon Black Flat is the new LED from Osram for automotive front lighting systems. Equipped with state-of-the-art chip and packaging technology and a ceramic converter, this new LED product from the famous Oslon Black series is a high-performance light source for automotive applications. It offers high light output even at high currents, uniform distribution of light, thermal stability and particularly good contrast for seeing and being seen. The new LED contains a UX:3 chip that delivers high light output even at high currents. With a power draw of 2.3 W and an operating current of 700 mA, the Oslon Black Flat achieves a typical luminous flux of 200 lm (at 25°C). If operated at 1.2 A it can achieve up to 270 lumen – despite an application temperature of 100°C in the chip.

The Oslon Black Flat is particularly stable and extremely durable (more than 100,000 hours at 700 mA and a chip temperature of 60°C). Oslon Black Flat will be showcased at SIA-Vision from October 9 to 10, October 2012 in Versailles (France).

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