Osram Opto Semiconductors launches world’s brightest blue LED for emergency vehicle lighting

Osram Opto Semiconductors today announced the launch of Oslon Signal, a new LED that currently boasts the world’s brightest blue light. Made using a special thin-film chip technology, the Oslon Signal can be operated even at a high current while providing a sustained, powerful, bright blue light. This powerful blue light that lasts even throughout long journeys is crucial for the signal lights of the police and emergency services. The Oslon Signal includes chips of the high-performance UX:3 technology, which are capable of operating at very high performance levels even at extremely high currents.

Despite its power, the LED measures only 3 x 3 mm. It is equipped with an insulated heat sink, so it can be mounted easily and conveniently, especially in combination with a conventional FR4 board. The lens has a radiation angle of 80° and provides a highly symmetrical light output; the Oslon Signal can therefore also be easily mounted in existing emergency vehicle lighting applications and help provide significantly brighter signal lighting.

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