Osram Qod Agent table luminaire brightens up the home

With the Qod Agent luminaire, Osram is adding a new member to its Qod product family: a two-tone enameled L-shaped metal frame forms the housing for the new, slimline table luminaire. The Qod Agent luminaire from Osram combines all the advantages of efficient LED lighting with trendy design: 16 high-performance LEDs can bring energy-efficient warm white light into every home. With a beam angle of 45 degrees, the Qod Agent makes an ideal reading light, workplace light or foyer light accessory.

The Qod Agent luminaire’s front is available in a selection of colors such as fiery Chili Red, fresh Mamba Green or bright Candy Pink. The reverse side is either white or black, depending on the model. The cable for the LED panel is the same color as the front and is threaded through the metal base, contrasting with the color of the reverse side and making an attractive visual design feature. The Osram Qod Agent luminaire will be available from September for approximately €59 ($72).

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