Osram announces the first OLED luminaire- PirOLED

OLED is an acronym that fascinates both designers and artists. With the PirOLED OSRAM now offers a commercially available OLED and LED luminaire for the first time. The 80cm high aluminium double helix is a dynamic looking sculpture, which is based on two ideas – the organic structure matches the DNA helix. The shape it forms is derived from the pirouette, a turning movement in ballet. PirOLED is a hybrid luminaire made of an aligned LED section and the soft, diffuse OLED light of the five rotating ORBEOS.

The LEDs’ power input is about 6W and the OLEDs’ consumption approx. 4W.The LEDs are incorporated in the base and shine upwards on to the ORBEOS panels. They are reflective on the back.This means the LED beam can be directed and dispersed anywhere.The PirOLED is available on November,15th.