Osram illuminates McDonalds outdoor facilities with LEDs in Germany

Osram is fitting outdoor facilities of the McDonald’s restaurant chain in Germany with modern and energy-efficient LED lighting. Across Germany, over 300 LED floodlights have been installed already on 25 McDonald’s parking lots and traffic routes. The lighting concept is based on a holistic approach which combines architectural, safety-related and atmospheric aspects. Thanks to their service life of 50,000 hours, the durable LED floodlights also ensure economic efficiency. Each of the Osram LED floodlights which are minimizing both glare and scattered light on the parking lots of McDonald‘s contains a powerful LED module with 84 OSRAM Golden Dragon Oval Plus LEDs.

These high-power white LEDs are not only remarkable for their energy-efficiency, but also boast a long service life and a natural color impression. What’s more, LED light attracts fewer insects, greatly reducing the cleaning and maintenance intensity. At McDonald’s, masts with special square profiles are fitted with either one or two LED floodlights, as required.