Panasonic announces LED Bulbs with Wide Light Distribution angle of approximately 300 degrees for Japanese market

Panasonic will release EVERLEDS LED bulbs featuring the wide light distribution angle of approximately 300 degrees, which is almost equivalent to the angle of traditional incandescent lamps, on March 18, 2011 in Japan. Consumers have become increasingly conscious of energy conservation at home, including lighting. LED bulbs are quickly finding their way into homes thanks to their high energy efficiency and long life. Applications of existing LED bulbs are limited to illuminating spots beneath the lamps because of the bulbs’ narrower light dispersion than incandescent bulbs.
Panasonic’s new LED bulbs have responded demands for wide light distribution angle with the two key technologies: “optical design technology that spreads light using a combination of LED packages arranged in a circular pattern inside a large globe and a double reflector structure and a high heat dissipation technology with the circuit arranged above the LED packages in order for the circuit parts to be away from the body where the heat converges.

With the new Panasonic LED bulbs, you can replace incandescent bulbs used in light fixtures that help disperse the light throughout the room, giving lighting effects with a light distribution angle almost equal to incandescent light bulbs. The new Panasonic E-26 base LED bulbs come in two colors, warm lamp color (LDA7L-G) and daylight color (LDA7D-G) which has brightness equivalent to a 40W incandescent lamp and boast a long service life of 40,000 hours.