Sharp develops High-Output and High-Color-Rendering LED Lighting Devices

Sharp has developed and will introduce high-output, high-color-rendering 25W-class LED lighting devices. These 25W-class devices have achieved incredibly low energy consumption through the adoption of LED chips and phosphor, which both have excellent high-temperature properties. They provide a high 2370-lm luminous flux and the industry’s highest luminous efficacy of 91 lm/W. In addition, it achieved a high color rendering index (Ra) of 83 by faithfully reproducing the colors of objects. Furthermore, the LED emitting area has been made circular to make designing lighting instruments easy.

As long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting rapidly becomes mainstream, the expectation towards light sources such as product-display spotlights in stores to be using high-output, high-color-rendering LED lighting devices is increasing. Sharp will also introduce a 15W-class lineup to meet a wide range of customer needs.