Sharp to launch six new LED lamp models including a base compact lamp with worlds highest level brightness

led.jpgSharp will introduce into the Japanese market six new LED lamp models, including the E17-base compact lamp that achieves brightness at the industry’s highest levels. The DL-JA51N E17-base compact lamp achieves brightness (500 lumens) and luminous efficiency (96 lm/W) at the industry’s highest levels. Sharp will also introduce a chandelier lamp to especially meet the needs of commercial establishments, such as hotels and restaurants, and increase the E17-base models that are expected to grow in demand.

In addition, the two E26-base general lamp models weigh as little as 85 g, which is a weight reduction of up to 50% compared to current Sharp models. Sharp is adding these new models to the existing adjustable-color and dimmable models and globe lamps, further boosting its line-up.