Solar Powered Smart Bus Stops with Sharp LCD Displays Announced in Japan

Sharp in collaboration with YE DIGITAL and Nishitetsu M-Tech today announced the development of two models of smart bus stops (suburban model: Type-C, easy model: Type-D) in Japan. Of the more than 500,000 fixed-route bus stops in Japan, about 80% (according to YE DIGITAL) have no power supply. To make non powered bus stop timetable changes, the stops must be smarter.  YE DIGITAL and Nishitetsu M-Tech from Japan will line up the long-awaited off-grid lineup of bus operators and accelerate the efforts of smart bus stops that will lead to problem solving and DX promotion for bus operators. Sharp’s 31.5-inch reflective LCD saves power and achieves high visibility even in the sun.

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A reflective Sharp color 31.5 inches IGZO liquid crystal display is used for the display unit. The display can use external light such as sunlight as a light source during the day. Bus information, timetables and announcements can be clearly read even in direct sunlight. The backlight display ensures visibility even at night when there is little outside light.

The smart bus stop display is equipped with a solar panel and storage battery and as such can be installed without connecting to a commercial power source. Power generated during the day is stored in the storage battery and can be used on night and even on days when there is little sunlight. Sharp’s 31.5-inch reflective LCD, which saves power and achieves high visibility even in the sun.

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The two type of smart bus stops announced are – Type-C: Smart bus stop with reflective LCD and Type-D: Smart bus stop with electronic paper.
Two bus stops in Saitama City, “Nidaimae” and “Minami Nakano”, managed by Kokusai Kogyo  are already operational.