Sony LSPX-103E26 LED light bulb delivers rich sound and much more

Sony_LSPX-103E26_LEDSony today announced LED light bulb with built in speaker to its Life Space UX series. The new Sony LSPX-103E26 LED light bulb can be plugged to E17 type of lighting fixtures by using a separate conversion adapter. The sound quality of the new LED light bulb speaker with an improved speaker design is far better than the previous model .Also compared with the conventional model, the brightness is 1.4 times more – total luminous flux 500lm (lumens). New 192-color lighting function makes this product more user friendly.

Sony_LSPX-103E26_LED_blutoothUsing two Sony LSPX-103E26 LED light bulbs in dining and living room, you can enjoy stereo playback also. Due to the compact size, the LED can be used in small places such as kitchen, toilet and passage etc. with music. With an improved sound quality and output, it is now possible to enjoy high-frequency range stereo music from the left and right units.  In the LED emission color music interlocking function of, custom that can be set freely to suit 4 pattern preset mode where you can enjoy the emission color (Warm / Cold / Vivid / Pastel) or, from three types of playing the rhythm of the music / volume / time to taste mode prepared.
Sony_LSPX-103E26_LED_blutooth_remote_backIf there is a phone call to the smartphone that is connected to this product, blink at the specified color to let you know, it has been equipped with an incoming call notification function. For example, when is not tied up in the cooking, and the like can be also aware of the phone call of the smartphone was placed in another location such as a living room, casually let you know the incoming call.
Sony_LSPX-103E26_LED_blutooth_remoteThe Sony LSPX-103E26 LED light bulb comes with a handy remote control. With the remote control user can choose 192 colors and 32 brightness levels also. The NFC enabled remote control can also be used for music volume, playback controls, dimmer. The new Sony LSPX-103E26 LED light bulb measures about 61 × 116mm and weighs 198g. It will be available in Japan from May 11th for approximately 24,000 yen ($220).

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