Akustica AKU2103 World’s First High Definition Digital-Output Microphone

Akustica today introduced the first HD (High Definition) Microphone that enables HD voice quality in laptop PCs and other broadband mobile devices. The AKU2103 is a digital-output microphone with a guaranteed wideband frequency response. It is the first digital microphone to guarantee compliance with the TIA-920 audio performance requirement for wideband transmission in applications such as Voiceover-Internet Protocol (VoIP). An important benefit of Akustica digital microphones is their immunity to RF (radio frequency) and EM (electromagnetic) interference, which allows placement in optimal acoustic locations regardless of proximity to displays, WiFi antenna or other sources of interference that would degrade or preclude use of conventional microphones.

The surface-mountable Akustica AKU2103 HD Microphone is the first under mount digital microphone to provide a L/R-user select function that allows a single device to be configured as either a left or a right microphone.This industry standard stereo output is supported by multiple HD Audio and universal serial bus USB) Audio CODECs. The AKU2103 is a high-definition microphone for notebooks and other broadband mobile devices.