Asuka Tripper Light lightweight HDD photo storage Device

askal.jpgThe light weight ultra slim Asuka HDD photo storage- Tripper Light is a new generation of drive, combining the Fast USB 2.0 compatible interface, with CF, Microdrive, SD memory card, MMC and memory stick PRO support card slots. The Tripper Light allows the transfer of pictures and all the other files from memory card to its internal 20 GB 2.5 inches hard drive. The easy to use Copy function copies files from your memory cards with just the press of a button with a transfer rate of approximately 2.49MB/sec.It takes 6 minute 30 seconds for 972MB data transfer from a CF card. The built-in internal rechargeable battery lasts with continual copy approximately 15GB minute. Easy to carry, the Asuka HDD photo storage Tripper Light includes built-in internal rechargeable battery and a carry bag in which you can also store your memory cards.

The Tripper Light measures 65×115×17mm, weighs 155g and is available for approximately 19,950 Yen($165). The Tripper Light is compatible with OS, Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS 9 – 10.4.3.