Asus Xonar D-KARA Karaoke Audio Card helps music lovers to setup PC-based home recording studios

The Asus Xonar D-KARA karaoke audio card (PCI interface) presents professional effects and recording capabilities, designed by Xonar and music industry engineers. It supports simplified pre-set recording and extra-detailed input, with strong hardware that ensures optimized voice syncing and ultra-vivid 106dB SNR. D-KARA helps customers enjoy social singing, recording, editing, and sharing of vocal performances, consolidating features under the user-friendly Xonar Audio Center. The Xonar team packed an entire album of features in the design. Studio-level vocal effects include high-pass filtering, low-pass filtering, compression, dynamic boost, voice equalization, and reverb.

All work hardware-level so greater fidelity is guaranteed, while customers can tune vocal masterpieces as they see fit, with enough enhancements to make virtually anyone a singing idol. Other highlights are built-in key shifting and vocal cancellation, further helping with playback editing. Precise stereo mixing and recording mean users simply plug a microphone into D-KARA and get started on their own song portfolio, which can then be shared online or via physical storage.

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