ASUS J501Mobile Phone with a large high resolution display

1467.jpgThe new ASUS J501’s 2.2″ large display mobile phone provides better vision, and shows off vibrant details with high resolutions; and its powerful 2M pixel camera makes it easy to capture high-quality images. With a thin, slide-phone design, the Asus J501 not only looks good, it delivers detailed pictures as well. The 2.2″ QVGA high-resolution super-sized mirror surface display of the J501 comes with a 260,000 color TFT-LCD which supports up to 240×320 resolutions. The image quality of this big screen is sharp and detailed – enabling users to exceed current mobile phone limits in visual acuity.The Asus J501with 5 MB built-in memory with MicroSD card extension also features a highly-sensitive two-step auto focus camera shutter which can give 10cm close-ups, video recording and horizontal photos. You can even connect to a PC via USB as a web camera – transforming it from a mobile phone to a handy digital camera. The MP3 equalizers and different MP3 player skins allow each song broadcast to have individual characteristics. The J501 supports AAC, AAC+ and MPEG4 file formats to provide high quality video and music. Additionally, the built-in FM radio supports fixed time recording and broadcast functions. Furthermore, the J501 has more than 10 built-in fun games for users to play.

By using wireless Bluetooth technology to connect with a computer, users can view contacts and make Skype calls via the J501 directly. This allows the user to converse with Skype contacts without sitting in front of the computer. The Asus J501 supports Skype friends list, Skype-in and out, instant messaging; and GSM and Skype system switch. The black Asus J501 GSM 900/1800/1900; GPRS Class 12 mobile phone measures 103 x 48 x 16.6mm and weighs100g.