AUO 32 inch LCD TV is the worlds first LCD TV to gain Carbon Footprint Verification

AUO has completed the carbon footprint verification on its 32″ LCD TV set according to international carbon footprint standard PAS2050: 2008. By succeeding in the third party verification by SGS, AUO’s 32″ LCD TV is the worldwide first LCD TV set to gain Carbon Footprint Verification, which establishes the benchmark on the carbon footprint management for consumer electronic products. AUO’s 32″ LCD TV set that completed the PAS 2050 verification consumes 30% less electricity compared to other same-sized products. The product not only conforms to EuP regulations in 2010 but also complies with Energy Star 3.0 in the U.S. In addition, the cold cathode fluorescent lamps are diminished from 16 straight tubes to 4 u-shape tubes. By substantially decreasing mercury level by 82%, the, the product reduces the environmental impact significantly.

Based on the definition of the life cycle of ISO14044, the carbon emission calculation of AUO’s 32″ LCD TV carbon footprint project includes each stage of the product life cycle from raw material, manufacturing, delivering, consumer using, discarding, or recycling. Through the indicator of carbon calculation, consumers will know well what the environmental impact is caused by the electronic products they use in the future.