AUO to exhibit world’s largest 65-inch 3D display at Display Taiwan 2009

Leveraging its cutting-edge R&D strengths in 3D display technology, AUO is to exhibit full-array, glasses-free 3D displays, including 4.3-inch, 8-inch, 17-inch and 65-inch models that are based on different types of technology. Among them, the world’s largest 65-inch 3D display is enabled with 12 views and is based on a barrier type technology that creates a stereoscopic effect by creating a distance discrepancy between the human’s left and right eye. Furthermore, its brightness is greatly enhanced by 140% by AUO’s 3D backlight design. With its super large-size 3D effects, it can be utilized in public information display applications for commercial, home entertainment and education purposes, which would allow consumers to have a whole new virtual-reality experience.

The 17-inch 3D display is also based on barrier type technology and with improvements by AUO, the brightness of the display was increased by 60% . In addition, the 4.3-inch model is based on a lenticular lens with higher brightness, which is able to reach 800 nits under 3D mode. The 4.3-inch and 8-inch 3D panels are able to simultaneously deliver 2D/3D viewing, providing more diversified applications for portable game devices, digital photo frames and other small- and medium-sized displays.