AUO Ultra Slim 42″ LCD TV is less than 10mm thick and weighs 44% less!

With advanced thermal and optical technologies, AUO has successfully developed ultra-slim 42” TFT-LCDs with LED technology to meet the TV market trends. This new LED TV technology with less than 10mm module thickness also reduces the weight significantly – by 44% comparing to conventional models, reaching a high brightness at 450 nits with excellent luminance and uniformity performance. In addition, highly efficient white LEDs further reduce power consumption and simplify the driving circuit.

AUO ultra slim 42″ LCD TV with a new technology of “High Dynamic Contrast” improves the contrast ratio above 200,000:1 by adopting 16×8 LED blocks for local dimming function. AUO’s 42” slim LCD panels provide end users more flexibility for applications, can utilize either wall mounts or individual stands, and can bring viewers enhanced stylish enjoyment and power-saving benefits in their LCD displays.