BenQ announces V42 & V46 full HD LCD TV with 24P Real Cinema mode

BenQ today announced the release of their latest LCD TV lineups, V42-5000 (42” LCD TV) and V46-5000 (46” LCD TV). With 1080p Full HD, Senseye, 24P Real Cinema mode, Noise Reduction and high contrast ratios (V42-5000 with 5,000:1; V46-5000 with 6,000:1) BenQ aims to lavish everyone’s home with a new cinematic visual experience. High static contrast ratios enable these LCD TVs to process bright and dark images to reveal exceptional detail definitions. When playing 24P encoded content through HDMI, BenQ’s 24P Real Cinema mode adds duplicate frames to reduce unnatural artifacts and because the original video does not have to be converted into 50Hz with 3:2 pull-down, image judders are less likely to occur.

With the obvious trend of storing videos, photos and music in USB devices, V42-5000 and V46-5000 provide the viewers the convenience to play their favourite movies, music and share photos with their peers through the USB multimedia support. Furthermore the three HDMI connections provide the consumer with the choices to connect their gaming console, DVD players and other devices with ease. The speakers are located beneath the screen, hidden from view, keeping all things simple, and Lookin’ Great. BenQ V42-5000 and V46-5000 will be available in China, India and the Middle East in November 2010.