BeoVision 4 home cinema concept-a short robotic arm with a camera eye measures a test picture that appears on the screen!

The BeoVision 4 home cinema concept from Bang & Olufsen provides sharp details and rich, life-like colours on a full High Definition plasma screen featuring the groundbreaking Automatic Colour Management technology. After every 100 hours of viewing, or as often as you like, a short robotic arm with a camera eye at the end swings down from behind the aluminum frame, and measures a test picture that appears on the screen. In a matter of seconds, the colour temperature is analyzed and adjusted to ensure consistent colour reproduction even after thousands of hours of use.

Automatic Picture Control sensors constantly measure light conditions in the viewing room, and adjust brightness and contrast accordingly. BeoVision 4 provides the best picture experience of any plasma screen currently on the market. Available in both a 50-inch and a 65-inch version, the BeoVision 4 plasma panel qualifies as full HD, offering razor sharp details, authentic colours, and the smoothest possible movement of objects on the screen.

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