Broadcom Announces New Solutions for Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

broadlogo.jpgBroadcom today announced a new advanced silicon and software platform that significantly improves the user experience of wireless mono and stereo headsets. Based on Broadcom’s field-proven Bluetooth technology, the audio portfolio features two new single-chip solutions that support Bluetooth Version 2.0 with EDR (upgradeable to Bluetooth Version 2.1) and Broadcom’s innovative SmartAudio sound enhancement technology. Targeting the greater than 80 million unit Bluetooth headset market, the new Broadcom solutions enables the development of complete lines of high- and low-end headsets with sleek form factors, longer battery life and an improved audio experience.

Previously existing Bluetooth headset silicon solutions suffered from inconsistent radio performance and inadequate power management, as well as excessive external circuitry and bulky batteries, while providing a disappointing audio experience (unless supplemented with complex and expensive external components). These limitations often resulted in unsatisfying headset size, weight, style and sound quality.