Broadcom Showcases World’s Most Advanced 65 Nanometer Single-Chip Mobile Solutions

Broadcom Corporation is showcasing new 65 nanometer products for mobile handsets and handheld devices at this week’s 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Broadcom’s new BCM21331 EDGE processor combines the key components needed for advanced multimedia phones on a single monolithic chip. Designed in a 65 nanometer CMOS process, the new EDGE processor fully integrates an EDGE radio frequency (RF) transceiver, all of the analog and digital base band functions, and enhanced multimedia support. It accommodates small board spaces and slim designs and features the highest integration, lowest power consumption and lowest bill of materials (BOM) available. This EDGE processor provides a new level of affordability for the largest segment of the handset market. Featuring the industry’s highest integration, lowest power consumption, smallest size and lowest bill of materials (BOM) available, Broadcom’s new 65nm mobile and wireless products are all available today.

The 65 nanometer process is the most advanced lithographic node for manufacturing semiconductors in large volumes today and provides significant benefits over 90nm and 130nm processes by enabling lower power consumption, smaller size, higher yields and higher levels of integration.