Brother epaper SV-100B can hold up to 10,000 pages of A4 format documents

Brother Industries Ltd will release a 15.5 mm thick document viewer “Brother Document Viewer SV-100B” to display so-called “digital paper.” SV-100B, which weighs 600g, features a 9.7-inch black & white display (1,200×825) and a miniSD card slot. The fully reflective display can be viewed under direct sunlight with high visibility. A 2GB card can hold up to 10,000 pages of A4 format documents. The attached software needs to be installed on PC or laptop to convert digital documents files, such as MS Word, into Brother’s special digital paper format, including 128-bit AES encryption and password lock.

Brother SV-100B with 4 gray scale gradations is Bluetooth compatible. The digital paper is powered by a dedicated lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a maximum 83 hours use, once fully charged.The device can be charged via USB or the AC adaptor. With a life span of 5 years or 37 million pages, the Brother
Document viewer SV-100B measures 237×247×15.5 mm and weigh 600g (card and battery included).