Casio Announces Trackformer Series of New DJ Products

Casio_DJ_controllerCasio announced today the Trackformer series of new DJ products which enables dance music fans to emulate their favorite DJs and dance music creators. The Casio Trackformer series features a lineup of two models. The XW-DJ1 DJ Controller lets users virtually perform the scratching style so popular with DJs since the days of turntables, and the XW-PD1 Groove Center has been designed for beat makers, allowing them to create original dance music by striking the unit’s pads. DJ Controller XW-DJ1 comes equipped with a large 7-inch jog platter that looks like an analog record and a cross fader for controlling the volume of two channels. The XW-DJ1 can be connected to various devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, and other computers, so users can start performing as DJs from the get-go using their favorite music.

XW-DJ1 DJ Controller letsThe Casio Groove Center XW-PD1 design includes 16 velocity-sensitive pads for total expressivity, 4 knobs and sequence step keys (which light up in a clockwise direction in time with the rhythm pattern progression) for fast music production. Users can easily produce original rhythm patterns with the 16 pads while listening to the music and checking the rhythm progression displayed by the sequence step keys. The XW-PD1 also comes with 200 types of built-in effects, mixing faders, and sampling functions, allowing users to make tracks from their favorite music in their smartphones and digital audio players. The unit can also be connected to other electronic musical instruments and used for jamming or recording sessions.

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