Casio announces two Key Lighting Keyboards for beginners

Casio today announced the release of two new Key Lighting Keyboards- LK-270 and LK-220. Perfect for beginners, the keys on these innovative Casio instruments light up to show the user which keys to play. The new keyboards teach songs using Casio’s new and improved Step Up Lesson system, which works phrase-by-phrase — just “Listen” to the keyboard play a phrase, “Watch” the fingering guide as the keys light up, and then “Remember” by playing the song without assistance.Both Casio LK-270 and LK-220 models also offer sampling features to make the music experience even more fun. With sampling, users can record any sounds they wants or their favorite musical phrases via the microphone jack or audio in jack and then play the sounds on the keyboard.

Casio’s newly developed AHL Sound Source technology provides the base sounds for both new keyboards, accurately reproducing the rich tones of the piano and other acoustic instruments and delivering a maximum polyphony of 48 notes. The keyboards also feature piano-style keys to satisfy more users.