Casio Digital Art Frame Transforms Snapshots into Works of Art Using Picture Alteration Technology

Casio’s new Digital Art Frame is unlike any conventional digital photo frame. Going beyond the fun of decorating home or office with a revolving view of favorite snapshots, Casio’s new product can actually create original photographic artworks and images, making it more enjoyable than ever to share snapshots with others. The new 10.2-inch WSVGA color LCD Casio Digital Art Frame uses a snapshot-to-painting conversion function to give everyday photographs one of many beautiful artistic looks. Users can create up to eight different authentic styles of art from a single photo at the push of a button: Water Color Painting, Color Pencil Sketch, Pastel Painting, Pointillism, Air Brush, Oil Painting, Gothic Oil Painting, and Fauvist Oil Painting. Users can enjoy slide shows with automatic playback of photos, art, or both, just by inserting an SD card with photos on it.

Casio’s new Digital Art Frame with 2GB internal memory and wireless LAN measures 314×208×30mm and weigh 1.25kg. Casio’s Digital Art Frame unleashes the full creative potential of every user, providing entirely new kinds of fun with creating and sharing images. Once again, Casio has crossed a new frontier in digital imaging. The Digital Art Frame will be available in the spring of 2010.