CEC TL1N –Worlds most precise belt-driven CD player for audiophiles

In 1991, CEC introduced the TL1, the first product to use a belt drive CD mechanism. All over the world, audiophiles and music lovers took note and gave the product an enthusiastic reception. Never before had such a wealth of detailed musical information been extracted from compact disc. And now, CEC presents the TL1N with a latest DA converter, incorporating sophisticated belt-drive technologies. In order to faithfully read the music signal recorded on disc, an extremely quiet drive mechanism, which can precisely stabilize the disc rotation and eliminate vibration and resonance, is essential. In the TL1N, the spindle motor, which drives the disc, is completely isolated from the disc turntable. Any vibration or electromagnetic noise arising from the motor are either shut out or absorbed by the rubber belt.

CEC TL1N achieves pickup performance that can read the music signal recorded on disc with the highest stability and lowest noise. The elegant, stylish CEC TL1N will be available in Japan from September 20 for approximately 766,500 yen ($7,085).