Classé CDP-202 CD player with touch screen controls

The CDP-202 from Classé(Canada’s leading maker of high-performance music and theater components) is the first CD players to offer touch screen control and video preview on the front panel. The preview feature allows audiophiles the option of enjoying a pure music listening session without video, because DVD-Audio (or DVD-Video) discs may be navigated directly from the front panel. The CDP-202 is capable of reading CD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DualDisc, MP3, WMA, Video-CD and S-VCD discs. A special test/monitor output allows connection of composite and S-video signals to standard definition displays. As a two-channel machine, the CDP-202 down-mixes multichannel recordings (from DVD-Audio or DVD-Video discs) to two channels for its left and right analog outputs. By attacking jitter at its source, the CDP-202 makes great sounding audio possible from a variety of digital formats. The CDP-202 is designed to provide maximum resolution and enjoyment from a wide variety of music sources.

When used together with other high quality system components, the CDP-202 delivers amazing sound, serving up the music in true reference-component fashion. The Classé CDP-202 measures 445×419×121mm), weighs 12.3kg and is available from August.
Via Marantz (Japanese)