Mobile Storage Innovator CORNICE today announced the 5th generation of small form factor hard drives. This new offering adds a 12 gigabyte (GB) capacity point to the existing one inch Dragon product line. It will allow OEMs to offer thinner and higher-capacity consumer electronics (CE) devices while featuring industry-leading robustness, durability, and low power requirements for everyday consumer use. Mobile phones, portable media players, gaming devices and personal storage devices will be able to store more information than ever before. In response to end-user endurance demands, Cornice has decreased the power of Dragon by half, and now represents only five percent of the total battery consumption within the typical MP3 player system.

The new Dragon series drives are protected by Cornice’s ruggedness design, Crash GuardTM, and can withstand excessive shaking, extreme drops, and other abuse without skipping, stopping, or crashing. The Dragon Series drive measures 40×30×3.5~4.75mm and weighs standard edition 10.5g and CF edition 11.5g.List price is $85 per unit in quantities of 10,000 per year.
Via Corniceco