Creative Unveils Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition at CES 2015

Creative today unveiled a limited edition of its latest Sound Blaster X7 at CES 2015. The feature-packed Sound Blaster X7 which is an ultra high-resolution external USB DAC and powerful audio amplifier now comes in an exclusive pearl white color, includes a 144W power adapter that is capable of delivering up to 100W output to passive speakers, and has a very low headphone amplifier output impedance of 1 ohm to effortlessly drive even the more sensitive in-ear monitors (IEMs) on the market.

Creative_sound_blasterThe Sound Blaster X7, showcasing at the 2015 International CES, is designed to connect with a range of gaming and entertainment systems as an ultra high-end external Sound Blaster audio solution with an impressive 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution 127dB digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and a powerful 100W audio amplifier. It provides a superior, pure and lossless listening experience for games, music and movies – meeting the most discerning demands of audiophile listeners and enthusiast gamers alike.
Creative_Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition_connection

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