Definitive Technology Solo Surround Array Series loudspeakers

If you want all the thrills of five channel surround sound without the need for separate rear speakers, Definitive Technology has the solution: the Solo Surround Array Series loudspeakers- SSA-42 and SSA-50. The SSA models incorporate Spatial Array, a unique patented technology that optimizes the spatial presentation of five channels to create the illusion that you are surrounded by five separate high performance speakers. Enjoying a superb sounding audiophile-grade surround experience has never been more convenient. Simply connect an SSA to any multi-channel receiver and powered subwoofer to enjoy enveloping surround sound without the bother of running long wires and finding places for rear speakers.
SSA Surround technology uses subtle but complex directional cues to completely free the sound from the box and convince your ear/brain listening mechanism that you are surrounded by great sounding Definitive loudspeakers. Since SSA Surround does not depend on bouncing sound off walls, it works in virtually any room and set-up configuration.

The Solo Surround Array Series loudspeakers- SSA-42 and SSA-50 use SSA technology on the surround channel speakers and the front left and right speakers as well, so that you get big three-dimensional imaging from both multi-channel and stereo sources. The SSA-42 will be available in June 2008 and SSA-50 is available now in gloss Black or brushed Aluminum finish with a suggested Retail Price: $1099 each.