DTS and Qualcomm announces integration of DTS Headphone:X on Snapdragon processors

DTS and Qualcomm recently announced their further collaboration with the integration of DTS Headphone:X onto Qualcomm Technologies’ latest Snapdragon processors, starting with the Snapdragon 800 series. Launching in 2013, DTS Headphone:X will enable Snapdragon powered smartphones and tablets to deliver up-to 7.1 surround sound over headphones, an experience never before available to consumers.

With DTS Headphone:X, DTS provides an unparalleled and immersive re-creation of the home theater surround sound experience using any brand or tier of headphones. The technology externalizes sound, so instead of the listener hearing it inside their heads, as is typical for traditional headphone listening, they perceive it as coming from high quality loudspeakers located some distance around them.

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