Epson Develops 1.9 cm diagonal Full High Definition HTPS Panels for 3LCD-type front projectors

Epson has developed a new type of high-temperature polysilicon TFT liquid crystal (HTPS) panel that will further enhance the performance of 3LCD-type front projectors.3LCD projectors use three LCDs to crisply reproduce bright, natural images that are easy on the eyes. The new panels, use a technology which boosts aperture ratios by 20% compared with the previous model. By enhancing aperture ratios, this technology improves luminance while using the same lamp as previous models. It also enables the use of a lower-watt lamp to achieve the same levels of luminance. Thus the technology makes it possible to manufacture brighter, more environmentally friendly projectors that offer outstanding value for money. The new panels also use 12-bit LCD drivers which boost accuracy in reproducing subtle differences in color and gradation. The new 12-bit driver is capable of controlling 68.7 billion colors.

The new Epson high-temperature polysilicon TFT liquid crystal (HTPS) panels also quadruple gradation approximation from 1,024 gradation levels to 4,096 gradation levels. As a result, the new panels offer high quality images that are ideal for wide-screen, high-definition products. Epson has already begun volume production of these 0.7-inch (1.9 cm diagonal) HTPS panels which utilize Epson’s C2 Fine technology. This new technology will enable users to more easily enjoy high-definition images on large-screen 3LCD projectors manufactured with C2 Fine panels.