Epson S1C33E08 application processor with built in MP3 Hardware Accelerator

Epson Japan has developed an application processor, the S1C33E08, ideally suited to portable devices such as educational devices, MP3 players, and electronic dictionaries with sound functions. This product offers a one-chip solution integrating functions required for electronic dictionaries, e-books and other portable display devices, such as a color LCD control circuit, USB 2.0 device connectivity, MP3 hardware accelerator, and interfaces for electronic media, SDRAM, and NAND flash memory. The Epson S1C33E08 features an MP3 hardware accelerator. The accelerator’s built-in MP3 decoder and playback API offer high-speed processing for easy MP3 playback. The color LCD control circuit is compatible with both STN-type and TFT-type liquid crystal displays and, depending on the hardware, can accommodate accelerators to support features such as Picture in Picture.

This enables users of the chip to achieve advanced image capabilities with a minimum of development work. The new Epson S1C33E08 application processor offers the high level of functional integration demanded by electronic dictionaries and e-books combined with longer than ever battery life. Shipment of samples will begin in December 2006, and volume production is scheduled to start in February 2007.
Via – Epson (Japanese)